Welcome to Matt’s Movies

Hello people of the Internet!

Welcome to my new blog- Matt’s Movies. As you may have guessed, my name is Matt and I am a lover of all things cinema. When I’m not busy with a little thing called life, I like to sit back, grab a snack and a drink and hit play on my remote and watch (sometimes) great movies.  I am going to be using this blog to review movies, discuss topics related to movies that have tickled my interest and, from time to time, I may even have a little rant too. I shall be sharing my blog regularly on social media and getting the word out on the blog so hopefully I get a few people reading it from time to time. If you like movies too, you can share the blog posts, comment on them, like them, maybe even hate them! I am happy to listen to you all. So keep your eye out for regular reviews coming up in the future and, most importantly, get watching!

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