Your Viewsday Tuesday: Some small updates and upcoming reviews 

Hi there people! It is the time of the week where I am hyper-attentive to your comments and messages on this Your Viewsday Tuesday! Send in some feedback on reviews or posts either on Facebook or on here and I will respond ASAP. I have had a great response from you guys so far along with a couple of suggested reviews. 

So, from some viewer suggestions (you know who you are) I will be doing two user requested reviews. Both will be on Sunday Fundays over the next couple of weeks with the first being a review of one of Disney’s most recent animations with MOANA. Secondly, there will be a piece about which HARRY POTTER film is my FAVOURITE coming the weekend after. Hopefully those two reviews will appeal to you and remember to send in your suggestions, of any movie, and I will watch it and write my thoughts on it.

A couple of upcoming reviews and blog posts this week include a piece about my worries for the DC Extended Universe, a throwback to a war movie classic, a fresh review of the latest rom-com, THE BIG SICK, and a review of the worst film I have ever seen (I haven’t subjected myself to The Room yet!) so there is a lot to look forward to. Get watching! 

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