Funday Sunday: Moana Review 

It’s the first Funday Sunday of the blog and I have decided to theme them on Disney for a little while and, starting with the most recent Disney film, this week I am looking back at MOANA. 

Based around the mythology of Hawaii, Moana tells the story of a little girl (called Moana weirdly enough) trying to save her island with the help of the demi-god, Maui, voiced by legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The story is a sweet and simple premise with a few emotional twists and turns,  typical of Disney, but it is a very endearing story which is because of the performances of the two main characters. I was surprised by how well The Rock could sing! The animation style is also great, despite Maui’s goofy face- but amazing body- and the film is very vibrant and colourful. Big shout out to that infamous chicken too. 

That brings me neatly on to a heavy feature of most Disney films- the music as the songs and score. To me, they are incredibly strong and I prefer them to the more famous tracks of Frozen (thanks for overplaying them radio!) The stand-outs personally are the inspirational “How Far I’ll Go” and the incredibly catchy “You’re Welcome”. There are also songs with native Polynesian in which I find very encouraging! 

A couple of downfalls for me lie in a little bit of the pacing. The story takes a little while to get going for me and lingers a little too long at the beginning. The ending resolves a little quickly and does come from nowhere as well, but does fit the overall theme of finding who you really are.  However, overall, this is a fabulous little Disney film and I think it is a bit underrated. In my opinion, it’s the best Disney film in years due to its strength in so many areas that other Disneys get let down on. Get watching. 


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