Girls Trip Review

Okay, let’s get this out there straight away. I was one of three men in a screening full of women and I was the only one who was alone. BUT, I don’t care because this is a great movie and definitely not just for the ladies- anyone could find it hilarious.

With that out of the way, here is the idea behind the film. Four ladies, members of a college friendship group called the Flossy Posse (FP for short), have drifted apart as their lives have sent them their separate ways. They decide to go on a trip to New Orleans together where one of them is a keynote speaker at the Essence Festival, and they get into some laugh out loud moments along the way! 

The four ladies are played by Regina HallQueen Latifah (hell yeah), Jada Pinkett-Smith and Tiffany Haddish and the chemistry between them is fabulous. They truly do seem like a group of friends with little in-jokes but also with some unspoken words. Hall and Latifah (great crime fighting duo) lead the way and have the most to do and also the most to change. They are particularly believable in their roles. Pinkett-Smith seemed to gel the least with the group for me but it is kind of her character trait. The true star of the group though is Haddish, who I was unaware of before. She has at least three or four belly-laugh scenes that will have you ROFL-ing, as the kids might say. Her character develops the least but that’s because she is so content with herself, something the rest of the group are not. She acts as the beacon of change for them and makes you wet yourself at the same time. Overall, the story and character development is nothing new but is still well handled and it never feels so overtly cliché. 

The humour in this film, for the large part, is fantastic. It is typical of films such as The Hangover with a lot of swearing and cursing but it is all well used and fits the narrative actually. There is one moment which may become the most iconic of the film which perhaps went a little too gross for me (akin to the Bridesmaids diarrhoea scene) but it is not so disgusting that it spoils the fun. 

This movie is a great laugh and easily the best comedy for me since 22 Jump Street. I thoroughly recommend you go and see this, to everyone and not just the girls. You will laugh yourself to death and have a great time at the cinema. Get watching! 


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