July 2017: Top 3 Past, Present and Future

Pinch punch it’s the first day of the month! Or is that not valid after midday or something? Who knows. It is the first day of August though and thanks to a user suggestion, I came up with a neat idea to reflect and look forward on the movies currently in conversation. I shall be ranking the Top 3 Nostalgia reviews of the month for the past, ranking the Top 3 movies currently in cinemas and looking ahead to my Top 3 most anticipated films of August and next month we can see how disappointed or pleased I am! 

A word of caution, the scores I gave the films at the time are not necessarily the sole factor at play here- I want to recommend the films that anybody could go and enjoy. LINKS ARE INCLUDED TO HELP YOU CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS. So, without further ado, let’s roll the clocks back and get watching! 


1) The Breakfast Club 

A film anyone can enjoy, regardless of their age or background. A fun and introspective film looking back at the lives of five teenagers (and their teacher… And the janitor). 

2) The Prestige

Nolan’s least viewed film that I discussed this month but still an incredible watch and that’s why I recommend it. It is only slightly below The Breakfast Club for me because it is a more dense film and is slightly less universally watchable for that reason. 

3) Moana

An underrated Disney movie with great songs and a nice story of gods (and demigods) in Polynesia. It is just great fun to watch- get some friends around and see it with them! 


1) Dunkirk

A powerful war movie and the most breathtaking film of the year so far and one of the few that you absolutely MUST see in cinemas if you are to get the full experience. 

2) Girls Trip

A comedy I only saw a few nights ago but one I hope gets good viewing at the cinema. It is hilarious, a little ridiculous and just great fun. Go and see it with your friends!

3) The Big Sick

The best rom-com I have seen in years but also so much more than that. This true story of a Pakistani stand-up comic and the lady who heckled him will have you feeling all the emotions!


Not on the list as it has been out a little while but if you can still find it in cinemas, it is definitely worth the watch! 


1) The Dark Tower

Check out the trailer for THE DARK TOWER here!
The latest in a long line of Stephen King adaptations (with another due in September), I had not been previously aware of The Dark Tower book series and the lack of trailers worried me. However, the first and second trailers look intense and action-packed so this shot straight to the top of my most anticipated. 

2) Logan Lucky

Check out the trailer for LOGAN LUCKY here!
Perhaps a film few have heard of and I only became aware of it because the trailer has previewed before every film of the past two months. This looks like a bombastic heist movie by the people behind the Ocean’s franchise. But I’m really most keen to see it because Daniel Craig looks completely mental in it!

3) Detroit

Check out the trailer for DETROIT here!

From the woman who brought us Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow’s latest film tackles the dark tale of huge riots in Detroit in the sixties. Starring John Boyega from Star Wars, the trailers have not wowed me completely but I am still on board with how suspenseful and moving this film will probably be. 
ALSO EXCITED FOR… Annabelle Creation

Despite the last Annabelle film being mediocre, this one has garnered high praise already. Only just misses out because horror does have a habit of letting us down!  

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