Woeful Wednesday: 47 Metres Down Review 

On the surface, the idea behind this film seemed pretty interesting; two ladies end up trapped in a shark cage, 47 meters below the surface, surrounded by sharks and running out of oxygen. A great simple premise for a horror movie. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed from this being Woeful Wednesday, they don’t really succeed. 

Watch the trailer for 47 METRES DOWN here! 

I won’t keep you long with this review but let’s start with a few positives. For that, I have to skip the first fifteen minutes. The girls have just entered the cage. The movie is pretty decently shot actually and the suspense builds well. There are dark gloomy shots and eerie lighting. After the introduction which I shall get back to, I was beginning to let the mistakes go for a few good scares. And… there are some scares. The best moments are when there is no actual horror, but you feel particularly afraid by the environment the two girls are in. Jumping ahead a bit, I did find the ending relatively exciting… But then there was a twist. 

So, after that struggle, let’s talk about the negatives. Firstly, there are the character motivations. I wouldn’t always pick up on this sort of thing but… Crikey… They are dreadful. My jaw dropped in the cinema with how appalling they were. The brunette girl deserved all she got for caving in so fast! Then there was the CGI. Again, not something always significant, but the key scary shots of the film were often spoiled with dopey cartoons. But then, I may have just about said this movie was okay, before I hit the twist ending. At that point, it was just below 3 stars. The twist made the entire build-up for the climax unwarranted. It was pointless for the story and only generated shock factor. And to be honest, because it is so predictable, it just left a bad taste in my mouth. 

The featured image of an elastic band is worth seeing more than this film. Maybe a good guilty TV watch in a year’s time, but you would probably still forget it. 

Get busy living. 



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