Logan Lucky Review

There is often seen to be a divide between film critics and fans when talking about opinions on films. Some, like the Oscar nominated movies, may seem to be meaningless dribble to normal audiences and other times, critics hate a film and audiences just take it for what it is- a good laugh. Obviously, the reality is not so black and white but you get the idea. Now, I am not a full-on critic and will mostly just review a film on my general feelings towards it, trying to work out what worked for me and what didn’t. I’m no expert in film either; I pick up what I pick up from what I see and hear. Logan Lucky may be a film where I missed the point and one where audiences will miss it too since normal critics seem to adore this thing. I, on the other hand, do not. 

Watch a trailer for LOGAN LUCKY here! 

Let’s get the basics of the story and cast out of the way. The Logans are a seemingly unlucky family and seem constantly plagued by problems. Channing Tatum plays the main Logan who has just been fired from his job as a construction worker and Adam Driver plays his brother, a war veteran with a missing arm from an IED. Tatum concocts a plan to rob the place of his last contract- a race track. They bring together a small crew to take down the vault within the speedway and steal a load of dollar dollar. 

Did you happen to click on the trailer link above? If not, click on it now and give it a quick watch. Did you get a bit of a vibe from Ocean’s Eleven? That may be because the director (and probably writer and cinematographer) of this film, Steven Soderbergh, also made that film. Other than the heist aspect, this film is nothing like Ocean’s though and, from my point of view, to its detriment. This film has a bizarre pacing, one of the strangest I have ever experienced with a movie with ebbs and lulls occurring almost randomly and little in the way of build up. This not aided by the choice of music or soundtrack of which there is basically none. Most of the movie plays out in silence and I felt almost no drama towards it. The heist in particular held no tension or excitement for me. It just slowly plods through. 

That is not to say that I didn’t find some enjoyment in this film, just that it is not a masterpiece like it may seem from its Rotten Tomatoes score. The characters are all pretty good fun. Most notable is Daniel Craig as the demolitions expert. He is totally crazy and funny and this is a role unlike any other he has played and he really goes for it. It will be great to see however he diversifies after Bond. I did enjoy the chemistry between the crew members too with the Logan lady, played by Riley Keough, a surprise favourite. Most of the characters are a little one-dimensional though with Tatum’s character being slightly more layered than the rest, even if he is a little unbelievable.

I feel like this film is much closer to being a great one than my opinion may make it seem though. The idea is fantastic and a lot of the actual plot is intriguing, even if there are a few seemingly fruitless parts. Perhaps with better pacing and music, the real drama of the film would have come through and I would have felt more invested in the plot. Whilst there are some good humour and character moments, it was not enough to carry me through this film. Get busy living. 


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