August 2017: Top 3 Past, Present and Future 

Hi there again guys and gals! It is the second month of the blog and that means a second month of review of reviews and this time I will be looking at the month of August- what I liked and how my most anticipated lined up with what I ended up enjoying. A month that actually held great promise with the likes of The Dark TowerLogan Lucky and Atomic Blonde, but perhaps they all didn’t live up to the hype? We shall see. 

Also, I shall be looking forward to the usually quiter movie month of September. However, this September seems to be a little bit different. Without further ado, let’s look back at the best movies of films you need to check out from the past. Find my original reviews by clicking on the links for each film! And don’t worry, you It is only missing because the review goes up so soon! 


1) The Silence of the Lambs

My most recommended film of the past this month is The Silence of the Lambs. Chilling, captivating and, at times, completely terrifying, the film tells the story of the infamous Hannibal Lecter and how FBI Agent Clarice Starling tries to catch serial killer Buffalo Bill using his insight. A true masterpiece of horror. 

2) Memento

A thriller written in reverse, Christopher Nolan’s Memento is about a man who cannot make new memories and is still trying to solve the murder of his wife. With a brilliant script and masterful direction, Memento will leave you enthralled and bewildered, exactly as it is supposed to. Did I tell you the main character can’t make new memories? 

3) The Shining

Another horror classic to recommend this month where I clearly went very macabre! Stanley Kubrick adapts the Stephen King novel (irritating the author at the same time) about a writer, his unfortunate wife and his “shining” son who are caretaking the Overlook Hotel in the remote Rockies. Shocking and memorable images abound, perhaps it is a little slow but my is it disturbing. 

Honourable mention… Uncle Buck

Yay!!! A light-hearted film! Perhaps not quite the calibre of the Top 3 Past but Uncle Buck is still a well-made comedy about a uncle struggling to take look after his brother’s family during a time of crisis. Hilarious and heart-felt, like all John Hughes classics, this is a film that often gets lost somewhere between Home Alone and National Lampoon but is easily as good. 


1) Detroit 

Powerful and moving, Kathryn Bigelow’s latest film tackles the difficult subject of racism in 1960s America focusing on a single event in the 12th Street Riot of Detroit. Maybe it is a little long but the end will leave you hollowed out. 

2) A Ghost Story

A very touching little film and not one I expected to be so well made, A Ghost Story is best enjoyed with little knowledge of what the story is about except it is all about a Ghost and a little white sheet. 

3) Annabelle: Creation 

Possibly the most disturbing Snapchat artistry I have ever done and particularly suitable for this prequel: firstly, it shouldn’t really exist but secondly, and more significantly, it should probably not be this good. 

From last month’s predictions… I was looking forward to The Dark Tower and Logan Lucky, my number 1 and number 2 most anticipated for this last month actually but they not included on this list for a couple of reasons. I personally liked The Dark Tower more than Annabelle: Creation  so it would probably be third on this list. However, I feel that recommending a film which is highly divisive at best is not a good idea. I took the film for what it was and really enjoyed it. Logan Lucky was different. Critics loved it, a lot of people loved it. I did not. It was a bland and boring version of Ocean’s Eleven with rednecks for me. I’m not going to recommend something I believe to be very overrated. And don’t get me started on Atomic Blonde


1) Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Nothing else was going to be topping the list for this month after the sequel to the modern spy spectacular was announced. From the last film, I am hoping for bombastic action, great laughs and Colin Firth kicking ass. Oh, he died in the last film? Well, it doesn’t stop him being in this one apparently! How????? We shall find out on opening night! 

2) mother!

Darren Aronofsky is not particularly known for making ordinary films (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan) but his new film mother! seems to take that to an entirely new level. Starring everyone’s favourite (and not mine) Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as well as a whole host of great talent, I’m hoping it is going to be creepy as all hell. And maybe even a bit creepier than that. 

3) Victoria & Abdul

A quaint little tale about a story that not many were even aware of until recently, Victoria & Abdul is about Queen Victoria and an Indian servant she befriended in later life, despite everyone’s interference. Oddly, Judi Dench is reprising her role from Mrs Brown (no, not that Mrs Brown!) and she is joined by Ali Fazal as Abdul Karim. 

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