About the creator (and the site)

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I am Matt and I like Movies. You might have already guessed that from the website address and logo- if so, congratulations! This is a blog all about movies- reviews, discussions, rants, anything I can think of to write about the world of film and cinema, I am going to post on this site. So hopefully, check the site out and look for reviews on some on the latest movies and those you want to see in cinemas. I will be back-dating a lot of movies, particularly my favourites. THE SCHEDULE will let you know how¬† these will be released. Sometimes there may also be themes due to movies currently in the cinema. For more information on how I review the films, check out the HOW I RATE THE MOVIES page. I am active on social media as well. Follow me on Twitter (@dollamanna) and or Matt’s Movies on Facebook (facebook.com/mattsmoviesblog) or even Instagram (matthew.dolman)- you can suggest movies to review, changes to the website, changes to my personality, etc. I am happy to listen. And, most importantly, get watching!