How I rate the movies

Sometimes it is hard to know what a reviewer really means when he gives a movie a certain score- what score constitutes a movie I would actually recommend seeing, how much do certain flaws affect the score and so on. I thought I would add this page so people could see how I personally rate the movies. It essentially boils down to two categories: get watching or get busy living (inspired by The Shawshank Redemption).

GET WATCHING will be movies I recommend you go and see in the cinema or, if they are towards the lower end, you should go and see if you usually enjoy those sorts of films or buy them cheap when they come out on DVD. GET BUSY LIVING films will be those that I do not recommend watching in the cinema and would only recommend seeing on DVD if you like watching bad movies.

It is not set in stone though- perhaps you really enjoy a certain genre of film and it may elevate it from one category or you may hate it and avoid it at all costs. Use my score as a general guide and my thoughts and your own personal opinions to fine tune whether you should see it.

Here are the scores broken down into the two categories with a quick tagline to explain roughly what it means. For your information, 4/5 means everything from 4.0 up to 4.75 and so on. 0.25/5 is the lowest possible score.


20170703_1713241-e15010779237291     5/5 – a movie that is so close to perfect, it may as well be.

4 star          4/5 – a great movie with some flaws but nothing major.

20170703_171324.jpg                 3/5 – a movie that is good but has one or two drawbacks


2 star                        2/5 – a bad movie with few redeeming qualities

1 star                               1/5 – you could just about call this a movie