The Schedule

Along with the reviews of films coming out in cinemas, I am posting reviews and articles about films already released. So to help you guys know what is coming up on the film blog as we go through the week, there is THE SCHEDULE. You can know what sort of posts will go online on which days and check out the ones most appealing to you. Here is the plan of the week:


MUST-SEE MONDAYS- movie reviews about films I think EVERYBODY should watch. Either because of how amazing they are, how important they are or how thought-provoking they might be.

YOUR VIEWSDAYS TUESDAYS- the day of the week where I will put up a post encouraging comments and messages from YOU so you can get exactly what you would like on the blog. I also take requests on reviews and you may sometimes see those reviews on this day. On other occasions, I will put up my favourite comments and thoughts for the week along with the suggestions from you, the fans- be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for full suggestion power!

WOEFUL WEDNESDAYS- some movies are sad and really tug at those heartstrings. Wednesday, the middle of the week, is when I will look back at movies that, dare I say it, may have even brought a tear to my eye. This will also be the day when I might put up a post ranting about something in the world of cinema that is really bugging me!

THROWBACK THURSDAYS- of course it couldn’t be anything else! Throwback Thursdays where I will take you back, far back, to a land where films were made on film and CGI was merely a dream. Most reviews on this day will be pre-1990 so I can look back at the movies made before I had a chance to see them on the cinema screen.

FRESH FRIDAYS- Fridays are usually the day when new films are released with a few blockbustery exceptions so this day will be reserved for one or more FRESH films that have been released that day.

SINFUL SATURDAYS- rather than being a day of posts about movies with anti-religious messages, reviews on this day will be for those truly AWFUL movies. Films that you can’t unsee but wish you could. Films that make you question whether the studios really do have more money than sense. Films that are so truly awful that part of you loves them anyway.

FUNDAY SUNDAYS- to round off the week, and to help me and you recover from the rubbish we have seen on Sinful Saturdays, a day of FUN. Movie reviews and discussions that are just fun, pure and simple. No high-brow boredom or dreary dramas, just stuff to make you realise what movies are all really about- being ENTERTAINED!